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  • What is a virtual hackathon?

    Virtual hackathons are online gatherings where attendees build projects together following a theme or goal.

  • Who can apply?

    You can apply to Hack the Normal as an individual, a group (min. 2 and max. 6) or as a startup.

  • What are the prizes? How they will be distributed?

    - The first, second, and third place winners in each category (challenges: water management, circular economy, climate change) will receive €2000, €1500, and 1000, respectively.

    - These winning teams will be given the chance to participate in the "Online Accelerator Program" to be held after the hackathon. (Participation is not guaranteed. The company that will run the OPA program will select 3 to 5 teams out of 9 teams together with Beko.)

    - The same people are given the chance to meet the BEKO top management to be organized after the hackathon. (This is not guaranteed for all teams. The selection will be made by Beko according to the hackathon presentation.)

    - In addition, an extra 1000€ will be paid to the top 10 selected ideas for product features that can be directly applied to BEKO's product groups, regardless of whether they win in the categories. Incentives concerning such projects will be awarded after conducting the written contracts with the Participants, if necessary.

    - After the hackathon, 3 to 5 teams among all winning teams will be selected as qualified to participate in the Online PreAccelerator (OPA) program. Teams that completed this OPA program will be awarded €27.000 by separating equally. (The highest amount of money can €10.000 for each team.)

  • Do I have to be from Europe to attend the hackathon?

    Not at all! This year’s Hack the Normal will be hosted online and we’re expecting applications from all around the world!

  • At which stage should projects be eligible for the hackathon?

    We prioritize innovative ideas over growth stages. So, you can submit your projects at any stage (idea, prototype, ready-made product, product pilot, etc.).

  • How many people should the hackathon teams consist of?

    Teams can be between 2-6 people. If you are an individual or a smaller team and would like to have other talented people working with you, we will match you with other applicants based on your answers in the application form.

  • I am applying alone: how do I find a team?

    Individuals are eligible to apply to the hackathon, but they are expected to compete as a team. The hackathon organization will match individual applications to form a team based on the profiles. We aim to create diverse teams in terms of demographics and background.

  • We have a team but we also need other team members, what should we do?

    During the team formation phase (see the previous answer), teams that need more members can be matched with other applicants.

  • We are a team: is it an issue we currently do not have a POC?

    No. You can develop your ideas during the hackathon but if you have a POC or idea, we can match you with individuals with whom you share similar interests and expertise.

  • We are a startup: what can I get out of Hack the Normal?

    Startups will have an opportunity to pitch their idea to Beko executives and our global partners. In addition, following the selection process and successful completion of the post-hackathon program, these teams will be able to receive an equal share from €27000 total award amount.

  • What are the evaluation criteria for the participants?

    All project ideas will be reviewed using 3 criteria: impact (what is the potential sustainability and social impact of this idea?); feasibility (does it use a process or technology currently available?); and commercialization (what is the potential for market adherence?). Please take these into account when detailing your project in the application form.

  • What does post-hackathon imply?

    Post hackathon event will be held online and will encourage and prepare the successful and selected hackathon teams to think, act and work like a start-up. Teams will be supported to improve their ideas by an online pre-acceleration program which includes training mentorship and guidance.