Water Management

  • 6%

    The ocean could sustainably produce 6x more food than it does today.

  • 25%

    of the global population lives in countries facing extremely high water stress.

  • 600%

    growth in domestic water use has been observed since the 1960s.

Source: World Resources Institute

Water Management

The increase in the human population and urbanization is causing water usage to increase in all sectors. Water shortages are now occurring in cities around the world as a result of rising per capita consumption and growing urban populations. In addition, vast oceans, seas, and marine resources are under continual threat from pollution, disrupting marine ecosystems and the communities they support. The ultimate solutions to water protection are to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. The Water Management challenge seeks to find solutions that focus on the water impact of household products and usage, in terms of resource waste and pollution.

Key question to answer:

How might we prevent water waste and water pollution by redesigning the consumption journey at home?

Hack the Normal Sustainability invites participants to develop new products, services, and business ideas with commercial potential in the below areas while driving awareness about the chosen issue.

Total prizes
up to
€ 50.000

  • Cash prizes for the first 3 winning teams of each challenge.

  • The opportunity to attend the pre-accelerator program.

  • Additional prize for the teams that attend in the Home Appliances category.

  • The opportunity to meet with Beko’s and partners’ top management.