Hack the Normal 2022: Sustainability

Empowering ideas for a positive impact on people and the planet

A three-day hackathon to encourage unique ideas and build practical solutions around climate change, water management, and circular economy.

May 13 – 15, 2022 • Online
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When the pursuit of a healthier life became more critical after the pandemic, we realized what we needed to have discovered a long time ago: human health depends on that of our planet, and we need to act responsibly and collaboratively to improve it. To leave a better world for future generations, each of us needs to consider social progress, economic development, climate, and environment in our actions.

Born to encourage ideas for a positive impact on people and the planet and support economies where businesses balance purpose and profit, Hack the Normal online hackathon has been hosted since 2020. Hack the Normal gathers thousands of people worldwide, from students to start-up/scale-up teams willing to positively impact our planet each year. From Africa to Turkey, hundreds of people joined forces online and have already created more than 100 brilliant solutions, making an impact on people's lives.

This year’s host BEKO, offering technologies with 'healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet' vision, joins forces with organizers TNW and FT Talent, and has specifically focused on Europe to be the next stop to inspire ideas from May 13th to 15th, 2022. Talents are called to action; we #ActNow, we #ActTogether! Students, start-ups, SMEs, and anyone with bright ideas to positively impact the world are invited to Hack the Normal Sustainability online hackathon to develop solutions to improve lives and our planet.

Become part of a community driving the positive change:

Engage with 500+ like-minded participants, 200+ mentors from multidisciplinary backgrounds, and coaches that are ready to guide you in your project development journey.

Take advantage of the curated content

The hackathon will provide human-centered design training on problem discovery, research, solution development, prototyping, and investment pitch preparation. It will feature seminars and speeches by experts from business, technology, and design ecosystems.

Connect with leading brands

All project submissions will be visible to 200+ Hack the Normal partners, including BEKO, TNW and FT Talent.

Take your idea to the next level

Teams compete for a range of money prizes totaling 50,000 Euros and have the opportunity to commercialize their products after the hackathon with a top tier European accelerator.


Hack The Normal Sustainability invites participants to take part in a 3-day online hackathon to develop new products, services, and business models on sustainable living solutions. Hackathon will offer a multifaceted inspirational digital space that brings together multiple disciplines, such as design, technology, sociology, psychology, human resources, management, and communication.

From May 13th to 15th, Hack the Normal Sustainability aims to initiate sustainable living solutions by asking the crucial question: How might we leverage technology to create a positive impact towards sustainable living with a focus on circular economy, water management and climate change?

Would these challenges to tackle suit you to a tee? Come and join us.


Hack the Normal Sustainability invites participants to develop new products, services, and business ideas with commercial potential in the below areas while driving awareness about the chosen issue.

Total prizes
up to
€ 50.000


  • Cash prizes for the first 3 winning teams of each challenge.

  • The opportunity to attend the pre-accelerator program.

  • Additional prize for the teams that attend in the Home Appliances category.

  • The opportunity to meet with Beko’s and partners’ top management.

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